Today, cameras are readily available to consumers. Almost everyone has a camera built into their phone. While those cameras create images of a higher quality that are easy to upload to a computer and share across popular social media platforms, there is a lack of an actual physical photo to hold and keep for sentimental purposes.  

Sure, you can print these photos at home and through online services, but the end product doesn’t have quite the same emotional connection—leaving the consumer with a vast library of images that they rarely look at or take the time to enjoy. 


Younger generations who already own a smartphone with a camera but are looking for a unique and fun way to capture special moments and share them in a more physical format that’s unlike an Instagram feed.  

Older generations who actively use their smartphones to take pictures and share on social media but are nostalgic for the days when a camera could take a picture and magically print a photo moments later. 


Created advertising for Polaroid Instant Cameras that appeals to the fun-seeking and sentimental nature of either audience above. Since this is your first assignment, focus your efforts on headlines or visual solutions or executions that feature headlines and images that work together.  

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